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Lenka is a professional guide/coach, psychotherapist, and yoga teacher. Lenka was born in the Czech Republic and lived in and around Europe and traveled around the world sharing her energy. Coming from a dance background and snowboarding she injured herself which led her to the path of yoga and healing.

After discovering yoga as a personal journey, Lenka has also taken a course in Hatha Yoga and Meditation and has been sharing her knowledge in these fields for many years. She is a trained professional in dealing with Kids Yoga as she has been conducting Summer Camps in Europe where she heads the program and this makes her fully aware of dealing with sensitive energies.

After having started her yogic journey Lenka came to India to deepen her understanding of the science of yoga and completed her 200hrs and 300hrs Teacher Training programs. Her special expertise in yoga includes Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga, and mainly Emotional Yoga Therapy. Emotional Yoga Therapy includes psychotherapy that goes from couch to yoga mat. Emotional memories are stored in our bodies.

Lenka creates these classes as practical tools that integrate yoga, meditation, and western psychotherapy. Altogether brings connection which discovers where emotion, life force, and pain are blocked and then work to develop awareness, heal and live freely and fully. Having studied philosophy and psychology and being a Psychotherapist, Alternative therapist, and Meditation teacher she conducts workshops and seminars in Europe and Asia.

Her deep interest and dedicated efforts turned her into a loving caring therapist with a tremendous personal touch for understanding individual needs. Lenka teaches various yoga classes and meditation. And in TTC she creates unique classes that will not only give to students the necessary skills and knowledge to become confident yoga teachers but also help to find their own unique vision and discover their own voice as teachers.