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Swami Dhyan Ameen

Received ‘sanyas diksha’ in October 1989 through Osho Ambassador Late Swami Anand Swabhav, in Bikaner Rajasthan. He has traveled across various parts of India, Europe, and other Asian countries. His favorite travels have been in the Himalayan ranges, Alps, and Tatra hills. He has facilitated Osho meditation groups such as – No mind group and Laughter meditation camp in India and abroad. He is also an eminent poet, a dedicated philanthropist, and an expert in Alternative Therapy. He aims to create a loving and caring community, celebrating our humanity and spreading peace, harmony, and unconditional and divine love. He is in the process of developing an Ashram in Rajasthan. His recent work of creation – Goddes Beauty is poetry giving expression to the ineffable, infinite, absolute, and supreme goddess Shakti.