Naturopathy Detox Retreat
(8 Night 7 Days)

Quality time with Mother Nature

Upcoming Retreat: 2nd May- 10th May


In our daily lifestyle, we are constantly processing food, drink, and habits. The use of chemicals, preservatives, and other artificial things get in the way of people enjoying healthy lives. Things like fast food, microwavable dinners, and soda pop take their toll on our bodies after a while, not to mention the negative effects of gasoline fumes, pollution, and other environmental problems that are increasingly a part of our daily lives. Our unconscious consumption of foods, drinks, thoughts, behaviors, activities, and lifestyles polluted our bodies, mind, and emotions. As we move with these toxicants, we assume that it is part of our personality but the truth is the opposite. We inject these toxicants into our body, mind, heart, and soul and make them polluted.

To live a healthy life, we must have a correct understanding of just how hard our lives are on the health of our bodies. It is also important that we preserve ourselves against the negative effects of our environment by taking the detoxification of our bodies and minds into a routine.

Naturopathy as a Best Medium of Detoxification

In order to live a healthy life, we must have a correct understanding of just how hard our lives are on the health of our bodies. A naturopathy is a form of ancient healthcare mechanism that combines modern treatment with traditional natural and herbal methods. It includes alternative, natural therapies to modern medicine. The entire mechanism solely relies on the healing power of nature. In this process the system stimulates the human body’s capacity to heal itself and prevent health problems. The process works on the disease diagnosis, treatment, and cure using the natural therapies including dietetics, botanical medicine, homeopathy, fasting, yoga asanas, lifestyle counseling, stress management, detoxification, and chelation, clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulation, spiritual healing, health promotion, and disease prevention.

Life is Perfect

Naturopathy Detox Retreat

We are offering an 8 nights and 7 days naturopathy detox retreat program in Rishikesh locations. The retreat program is focused on how to restore the connection of your with mother nature. This retreat has been designed for individuals who wish to refresh, recharge and revitalize their bodies and mind. We use Diet therapy as a key tool for detoxification during this program. The program contains three distinct stages.

Diet Therapy

You will be practicing Fasting with a Juice and a raw food diet to eliminate the toxins from the body.

Practice Yoga Asanas

You will be practicing yoga asanas under the guidance of our doctors to cleanse your mind.

Quality time with Mother Nature

helps to restore your body’s relation with nature. This retreat will be a perfect place and the ideal way to establish a conscious connection with yourself in the lap of nature. A preventive herbal cure is highly relevant in Natural Medicine and is the sole aim of this retreat.
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Retreat Life is Perfect

Retreat Inclusions

These 8 Nights and 7 Days program with nature is designed with following activities that helps you to connect with mother nature

Preventive Consultations with the doctors

Diet therapy customized as per the health conditions of each patient

Incurs all types of Naturopathy treatments like Mud therapy, Hydrotherapy, Heliotherapy, Energy Medicine, Massage, and Physiotherapy.

Practices of Yoga Asanas, Yoga therapy and Meditation sessions (both group and personal sessions)

Personal and Group sessions for balancing Lifestyle and Health Guidance.

Well-equipped accommodation but close to nature like naturally cooled cottages.

The retreat program will be a transformative journey for you. A journey that helps you to align your life in tune with nature. The program will be a meditative break from the modern stressful, mindless and unconscious lifestyle. It will create a chance to listen to the natural voice of your body, mind and spirit and feel its natural tendency. The retreat program will inspire you to unfold the natural healing experience within you.

Course Fee

The course fee included

10 Day Stay
Manual Books

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Our Upcoming Event

We are doing Retreat around the India, Our aim to make healthy world.

Advantages of Joining Naturopathy
  • No side effects
  • Cost effective
  • It not only relieves patient from the discomfort but cures the dis-ease itself from its base
  • It compels the patient to take active interest in his own health

2nd October – 10th October

7 Days and 8 Night Naturopathy Retreat at Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), India