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Dynamic Yoga – Exercise 1 & 2

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SWAYING PALM TREE POSE (Tiryaka Tadasana) Streamlines the waist and develops balance. Stand with feet 8 inch apart and fix eyes on a point directly in front of you. Interlock fingers and turn palms outward. Inhale deeply as you raise arms over your head. As you breathe out, bend from your waist to your left […]

Dynamic Yoga – Exercise 3 & 4

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POSE OF THE MOON (Shashankasa) Sit on your knees with palms on thighs. Close eyes and relax, but keep spine and head straight. Inhale deeply and lift arms above head, keeping them straight and shoulder-width apart. As you breathe out, bend forward from the hips, keeping arms and head in a straight line. Hands and […]

Basic Yoga Postures and their Variations

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1) THE COBRA Do this in easy stages. Lie down, face prone, legs tightly together and stretched back, forehead on the floor. Put your hands, palm down, just under your shoulders. Inhale and raise your head, pressing your neck back, now use your hands to push your trunk up until you are bending in a […]

Absolute Healing – Part 1


Shop Absolute Healing – Part 1Namaskar! Many people in this world fall ill and visit the doctor. When illness strikes, whether it is mental or physical, whatever disease it is, we visit the doctor and take medicines and temporarily find relief. We begin to feel comfortable, light and we get alright. After a few days, […]