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Absolute Healing – Part 1

Many people in this world fall ill and visit the doctor. When illness strikes, whether it is mental or physical, whatever disease it is, we visit the doctor and take medicines and temporarily find relief. We begin to feel comfortable, light and we get alright. After a few days, some other illness crops up.

We visit a specialist when we have pain in the ear, the nose, the stomach or in the heart too. There are specialists for every part of the body. We conduct the necessary tests and take different medical help. When we get fed-up of doing this, we secure ourselves with medical insurance and policies like mediclaim.

Health is a very important area of human life and we have been taking care of this area in this manner until now. If we just pause for a moment and think about life 100 years back. There were neither so many diseases nor doctors or hospitals. People had pain and disease too but most often they resorted to treating themselves with home remedies. Sometimes, they did not even know the name of the illness but more often they got relief from home remedies. How was it possible in those days and times?

Today, the moment we start coughing, we take antibiotics. If we get pain in the stomach, we visit a doctor. Even before a headache starts, we take a disprin. So what is the difference? 100 years back man could treat his own illness but now he has become dependent on medicines. Something to ponder upon! If the illness has come to the body without taking medicines, then the illness can go even without taking it. We never gave this a thought because we neither have the time nor the energy. All we just want is instant relief (treatment). That is why, we take instant pop-in pills and carry on with our life. But have you ever given it a thought that by taking instant medicines, you are just getting temporary relief? This is in no way a permanent solution to health.

In earlier days, man lived a very peaceful life. He did not have much ambition, stress, goals, insecurity etc. and even if he did have any, he knew perfectly well how to handle it himself. Because nature has endowed every human being with strength, which is called the will power, with which he can overcome all mental and physical problems. It is the inner strength with which he could handle any physical or mental inconvenience.

Today, even a 35-year-old man gets a heart attack while driving. He is a highly stressed businessman. What else can that be! The medicines that you are taking are giving you support to a certain extent and you must take them only if necessary. If you are in an unbearable situation, if you have met with an accident or if you are in a helpless or severe state then, you must take medical help. Don’t think blindly that medicine is the one and only way out; in fact, it is a temporary solution. Medicine is not a permanent solution for your health. If you think it is, then you are on the wrong path and not in the direction of health. The path of health is the path towards wellbeing. It is very important for us to understand this word ‘Health’. We will take this word and understand its root meaning.

‘Health’ comes from the root word ‘Holy’ – which means whole and complete. Holy means pure and divine. So health in general means to be whole, complete It does not mean that you must become whole, complete and divine but it does mean that you are whole and complete already. The meaning of health is whole, complete and divine. If you can awaken the meaning of health in you, then you can generate a new feeling of wellbeing, that you are already complete, that you are whole. Whenever you are afflicted by a disease, you don’t have to do anything, but just have to relax and take rest and you will recuperate in your normal state again. So what is my natural state of being? Whole, complete and divine, which had undergone a breakdown temporarily and it has recovered right after giving it a little rest and relaxation.

Let us understand the word ‘Swastha’ Swa+astha. The person who is settled and absorbed in himself/herself is Swastha. That means the person who is immersed in himself/herself is Swastha. Swastha means the one who begins to understand himself, the one who begins to understand one’s own mind, one who begin’s to understand one’s intellect , the one who begins to understand one’s own body, the one who begins to understand oneself , he /she will always expereince good health and will be always HEALTHY So Health and Swastha, both these words have got a very deep meaning.

Until now, we have understood the words “Health” and “Swastha” only at a surface level. That means, if your hand is hurting you, your understanding of it is purely that your hand is hurting and it needs medication. But have you ever noticed something that when your hand is hurting you, it is telling you something. Have you ever tried to listen to it to know what your hand is trying to tell you? Because every part of your body is talking to you. You have neither tried to listen to your body nor have you ever tried to understand it. You can begin the process of understanding your body from today onwards. Your mind, body and your consciousness cannot be separated. That means whenever any illness occurs, it cannot ever be only at the physical or the mental level. Therefore, the way to treat it cannot be only and only at the physical or mental level. You have to treat it at all the three levels and that is at the physical level, mental level and at the level of consciousness.

Whenever you get deeper into the word ‘Health’ or ‘Swastha’, you will understand many things in respect to treating physical illness, mental illness and at the level of consciousness. In all the three cases, there is no medicine involved whatsoever. Whenever any part of the body is in pain and it needs to be treated there is no need for medicines.

Like the way it was mentioned just now, about 100 years back there were neither medicines nor doctors. All the time, whenever there was pain in the body what did people do? We need to understand that the mind, body and consciousness are one. We have to look at all the three as one and lead our life. Whenever our mind, body and consciousness work in three different directions, we encounter lots of problems.

Only science has managed to understand the body so far. Psychologists have managed to understand only the mind until now. Psychologists and doctors have created their own separate dictionaries and so the mind and body have got separated and hence how is it possible to be whole and complete? Whenever you get an illness, think why is it happening to you? Can I understand this illness and treat myself? Do I really want to treat myself? Or will I always be dependent on external situations or people? If my body is ill, can a doctor properly diagnose my problem? Does that mean that I don’t understand myself? Whatever discoveries science has done until now are good.

Science has mastered the technique of cutting the body open and stitching it back. It’s all very well! Whenever necessary, this technique is being used and it must be used. But we think that, that is the only way to treat ourselves. Here we can make some improvement and that means, we must not be totally dependent on this mode of treatment. We can cure ourselves of small illnesses in just a few hours. More severe illnesses can get treated in a few days. In extreme severe cases that are beyond our patience level , we can take the help of doctors. If you have a good capacity to withstand pain, then severe illness like cancer also can be cured.

It is very interesting that we have understood the meaning of the word ‘Health’. We have also understood the meaning of the word ‘Swastha’. Now let’s understand the meaning of the word ‘Healing’. Let’s talk about this word ‘Healing’. If we break it down. It is ‘heal-in’. It means that whatever healing happens, it happens from the inside. Healing from inside and healing from within. Healing can never be from outside. It means that you will only be the one to heal yourself. No one can heal you from the outside. A doctor cannot heal you; you can get temporary soothing effects. All these things are being talked about because if you want to heal your illness, it is very important to know that your mind, body and consciousness are one. And you can heal yourself only if you address the mind, body and consciousness as one. Until such time that you do not develop a basic understanding of this, you will not be able to heal any illness completely.

Stress is such a big word. Today, every person seems to be talking about it. We have not understood the meaning of this. Let’s understand it as one having lots of pressure. So with the increased pressure of work, the stress in us increases. But we have yet to understand the true meaning of the word.

WHO ̶ World Health Organisation says that all illnesses are due to stress. Old age occurs due to stress. It is right; stress is indeed the cause of all illnesses. But what is stress? We need to understand it. What is illness? What is mind? What is body? Is there a consciousness or it is not there ? What is it? We need to understand all this. Till such time you develop an basic understanding of this, your health is not insured despite having insurance policies. Policies will only assure your money, not your health. If you really want health insurance, then one must understand all this in depth.

Man is living his life blindfolded and is continuing to living it that way. He is rushed into doing things. He wakes up in the morning, has breakfast, goes to the office, earns money and comes back home. Unless and until you take out time for yourself, understand these things in the deeper sense, you will not experience any major transformation in your life. You will not see any major change in your life. You will continue to live your life like that and very soon it will be time for you to go. You will leave the world without any transformation in yourself.

Health… If you want to understand this, then you have to go very deep.

That’s all for today!

We will proceed ahead slowly! We will talk about health We have to raise our level of understanding little by little. And living our life after understanding it is even more important.

Namaskar !!

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